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Avignon, Nîmes

Avignon, Nîmes

Theater festival city or Nîmes the roman city

The skyline of Avignon is a magnificent urban landscape.


Overlooking the city and the Rhône river, the Rocher des Doms presents an exceptional set of monuments including the Saint Bénezet Bridge, (the famous « Pont d’Avignon »), the Ramparts, the Petit Palais, the Cathedral and the impressive walls of the Popes’ Palace flanked by four mighty towers. This architectural group has been ranked by UNESCO: « world heritage for humanity ».


In Nîmes, you have to visit the Arènes, the Maison Carrée, les jardins de la Fontaine and the Tour Magne and the musée de la romanité. The old town is worth seeing with its cool and narrow streets. Roman city and bullfighting, Nimes is alive with its three annual feria.
Nimes the emblem is the crocodile tied to a palm tree.

Our advice: discover Nimes gastronomy, la brandade, la rouille and la daube de taureau ou Gardianne.

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