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Les ôcres du Lubéron

Les ôcres du Lubéron

The Rustrel canyon or Colorado Provençal

The Rustrel canyon or Colorado Provençal is a site with grandiose beauty.

Wonders of Provençal nature, the ôcres are the product of profound climatic changes.
In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Rustrel lived to the rhythm of the iron industry and then ôcre.
The walk in the heart of the old quarry will take you to the fairy chimneys and the crossing of the "Sahara".

The village of Roussillon is a magical place in the colors calling peacefully and daydreams.

Roussillon, one of France's most beautiful villages.

A tour of ôcres conservatory is possible (Matthew factory).

Roussillon can be visited by strolling along picturesque little streets.

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