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Cascades of Sautadet

Cascades of Sautadet

Cascades of Sautadet, villages of the Cèze valley

The Cèze has dug channels and cavities that eventually meet and form crevices in which the river rushes.
The most spectacular elements are the pots of giants.

Giant pots are cylindrical cavities, some of which are a few meters in diameter. Dug into the rocky bed of the river by the swirling movement of the pebbles, the pots are an amazing curiosity and the cascades of Sautadet an enchanting site.
The small medieval village of La Roque sur Cèze offers a splendid view of the Sautadet waterfalls.
Starting from Bagnols sur Cèze, we follow Goudargues and Saint André de Roquepertuis, the plain where the river Cèze flows, surrounded by villages and hamlets where the vine is still very present.
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